Sunday, November 9, 2008

OldBoy writing now and it's almost 3am in the morining, you would ask why would i stay up all night.

Well i'll tell you! because of a movie called "OldBoy", it's an Korean movie of Drama, mystery and thriller.

I'm not really into asian movies (except for jackie-chan movies and "Young and dangerous" serise), but this afternoon my friend mohammad told me about this movie (OldBoy) since Will Smith is planning on a remake for the movie, so I said to myself if it was good for mohammad it should be good for me, so I went up and downloaded it....and i wish i didn' oh man...

Here’s the problem. Oldboy is one of the most profoundly fucked up, dark, demented, screwed up movies ever made. It rips your heart right out of your chest, stomps on it, and then lets the credits role. It leaves your head spinning, your mind reeling, and that sick and twisted bent is exactly what makes it so great.



^^*(ذبحني غلاك)*^^ said...

I'd like to see it

you did a nice job here

1337kwt said...

thanks, more incoming enshallah